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Question Period Transcript
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Question Period: Twenty-five years after École Polytechnique, gender-based violence still persists 05.12.2014 Ethics, Missing Women, Safety, Social Policy
Question to Status of Women Minister: Will you support NDP motion to end violence against women?; Answer: ...? 04.12.2014 Ethics, Missing Women, Safety, Social Policy
NDP Leader calls for national missing and murdered women's inquiry 14.02.2013 Aboriginal, Missing Women
Libby ask Minister Toews to apologize for interfering in RCMP's apology over Robert Pickton case 13.06.2012 Missing Women, Safety, Sex Trade
Speech in Parliament
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NDP takes control of HoC agenda for an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women 19.09.2014 Aboriginal, Ethics, Missing Women
Libby speaks in support of special committee on missing and murdered women 14.02.2013 Aboriginal, Missing Women
Time to Review Canada's Solicitation Laws 18.11.2002 Missing Women, Safety, Sex Trade
Open Letter to Ministers & Public Officials
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NDP Members of the Special Committee on Violence Against Aboriginal Women share their concerns about the committee 24.06.2013 Aboriginal, Missing Women
Blog Entry
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22nd Annual Women's Memorial March 14.02.2013 Missing Women
7th Annual Sisters in Spirit Vigil 04.10.2012 Aboriginal, Missing Women, Safety
Press Release
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Statement on the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry report 18.12.2012 Missing Women, Sex Trade
Libby welcomes public inquiry into murdered and missing women 10.09.2010 Missing Women, Safety, Sex Trade
Public Inquiry Only Acceptable Course of Action 20.08.2010 Missing Women
Comments on Missing Women Trial 07.12.2007 Aboriginal, Missing Women, Safety, Sex Trade
Statement on Missing Women Murder Trial 22.01.2007 Missing Women, Safety, Sex Trade
Action Needed on Missing Women 04.10.2004 Aboriginal, Missing Women, Safety, Sex Trade
Libby Succeeds: Parliamentary Committee to Review Sex Trade Laws 09.02.2003 Missing Women, Safety, Sex Trade
Federal Solicitation Laws Put Sex Trade Workers at Risk 18.09.2002 Missing Women, Safety, Sex Trade
Statement in the House of Parliament
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Libby's statement marking the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women 06.12.2012 Missing Women, Social Policy
Libby uses first day back to support public inquiry into missing and murdered women 21.09.2010 Missing Women
Libby on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 25.11.2009 Aboriginal, Missing Women, Safety, Social Policy
Update from Libby
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Libby's words of support for Gladys Radek and the Walk4Justice 21.06.2011 Missing Women
Libby asks BC's Attorney General to Extend Funding to Community Applicants in Missing Women Commission of Inquiry 01.06.2011 Missing Women, Sex Trade
October 4 National Vigil for Aboriginal Women - for Sisters in Spirit Vigil 04.10.2007 Aboriginal, Missing Women, Safety
Libby in the News Story
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Courting danger 18.02.2011 Missing Women, Safety
The missing and murdered women of Vancouver deserve an inquiry 27.08.2010 Missing Women, Sex Trade
Society has failed these women 25.08.2010 Missing Women, Safety, Sex Trade, Social Policy
Federal actions for missing and murdered women must be substantive 05.03.2010 Federal Budget, Missing Women
Libby speaking out for missing women 16.02.2010 Missing Women, Sex Trade, Social Policy
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