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Update from Libby
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Worried about Canada Post cuts? 14.02.2014 Jobs, Safety
In Support of Locked-out Rocky Mountaineer Employees 05.03.2012 Jobs, Labour
2009 Vancouver East Community Consultations on the Federal Budget 23.01.2009 Arts and Culture, Childcare, Education, Federal Budget, Health Care, Homelessness, Housing, Jobs, Poverty, Social Policy
A Greener Industry Strategy 01.10.2006 Environment, Jobs
A Greener Transportation Strategy 01.10.2006 Environment, Jobs
Libby in the News Story
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Premiers vow to fight Ottawa's controversial jobs-training plan 26.07.2013 Jobs
E.I. changes called for 10.02.2009 Federal Budget, Jobs, Labour
Jobless need more help, critics charge 10.02.2009 Federal Budget, Jobs
PM: Job losses won't blow government off course 10.02.2009 Federal Budget, Jobs
Job losses can't blow us off track:PM 10.02.2009 Federal Budget, Jobs
Question Period Transcript
Title Published Categorized
Libby urges Minister Finley to come clean about EI changes 22.05.2012 Federal Budget, Jobs, Labour, Poverty, Social Policy
Libby asks the Conservative government to provide more support for small businesses 04.10.2011 Jobs
Libby questions Prime Minister about Employment Insurance 17.06.2009 Jobs, Labour
Support the B.C. Economy 05.06.2009 Federal Budget, Jobs, Labour
Made in Canada 24.04.2009 Jobs
Libby Speaking on Employment Insurance Eligibility 25.03.2009 Federal Budget, Jobs, Labour, Poverty
Creating and Keeping Canadian Jobs 19.03.2009 Federal Budget, Jobs, Labour
E.I. Reform Needed 10.02.2009 Federal Budget, Jobs, Labour, Social Policy
Libby Speaks Out for Forestry Workers and Their Communities 16.05.2008 Environment, Jobs, Labour
Sale of Terasen Gas 18.11.2005 Globalization, Jobs
Softwood Lumber 06.10.2005 Globalization, Jobs
Softwood Lumber 07.04.2003 Globalization, Jobs
Speech in Parliament
Title Published Categorized
Libby speaks out against the Budget Implementation Act 04.05.2012 Environment, Federal Budget, Health Care, Homelessness, Housing, Jobs, Labour
Libby defends Canada Post workers' rights in Parliament 24.06.2011 Jobs, Labour
Libby Calls for Employment Insurance Reform 10.03.2009 Federal Budget, Jobs, Labour, Poverty, Social Policy
On Bill C-46, An Act to Provide for the Resumption and Continuation of Railway Operations 17.04.2007 Environment, Jobs, Labour, Safety
Employment Equity 15.06.2006 Jobs, Labour
Open Letter to Ministers & Public Officials
Title Published Categorized
Libby and Don urge Minister Raitt to support locked-out Rocky Mountaineer employees 14.09.2011 Jobs, Labour
Air Canada outsourcing - a joint letter from the federal NDP BC Caucus 10.03.2010 Jobs, Labour
Canada Summer Jobs program 2009 19.01.2009 Jobs
Press Release
Title Published Categorized
Libby Davies Puts Housing Crisis on National Agenda 10.02.2009 Federal Budget, Homelessness, Housing, Jobs, Poverty, Social Policy
Budget must invest in affordable housing, say Vancouver MPs, community groups 23.01.2009 Federal Budget, Housing, Jobs
Flaherty’s budget consultations ignore ordinary British Columbians, says MP Libby Davies 12.01.2009 Federal Budget, Homelessness, Housing, Jobs, Labour, Poverty, Social Policy
NDP MPs Applaud Wage Earner Protection Program 17.12.2007 Jobs, Labour
Stop Outsourcing BC Jobs: NDP Demands to Keep Canadian Jobs in Canada 28.03.2007 Environment, Globalization, Jobs, Labour, Poverty
NDP to Cannon: Air Safety Must Come First 19.05.2006 Globalization, Jobs, Safety
Statement in the House of Parliament
Title Published Categorized
Trade Agreements and Worker's Rights 29.01.2008 Globalization, Jobs, Labour
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