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Libby in the News Story
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Libby speaking out for a 'Made in Canada' Olympic pavillion 24.02.2010 2010 Olympics
Libby's support for activists' spotlight on homelessness 16.02.2010 2010 Olympics, Homelessness, Housing, Poverty, Social Policy
Libby says no to Olympic freebies 28.01.2010 2010 Olympics
Libby speaking out against free Olympic tickets for politicians 18.01.2010 2010 Olympics
Passing of the Wooden Spoon to Libby 12.01.2010 2010 Olympics, Homelessness, Housing
Libby takes up the torch for the 2010 Homelessness Hunger Strike Relay 04.01.2010 2010 Olympics, Homelessness, Housing
Libby's Olympic security code of conduct 20.11.2009 2010 Olympics
Security and the 2010 Olympics 16.07.2009 2010 Olympics
Community and resistance in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside 31.03.2009 2010 Olympics, Drug Policy
Olympic 'housing legacy' falling behind 23.03.2009 2010 Olympics, Homelessness, Housing
Press Release
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Libby takes on the 2010 hunger strike relay to end homelessness 10.01.2010 2010 Olympics
Olympic Hopes Dashed for Homeless 20.03.2009 2010 Olympics, Homelessness, Housing
NDP MPs Say Budget Fails Vancouver 20.03.2007 2010 Olympics, Federal Budget, Homelessness, Housing, Poverty
NDP MPs Call for an Inquiry into Canada's Foreign Worker Program 20.09.2006 2010 Olympics, Labour
Update from Libby
Title Published Categorized
Assistance to Shelter Act, an open letter to Mayor and Council 03.12.2009 2010 Olympics, Homelessness, Housing, Poverty, Social Policy
EVENT REMINDER: a Public Forum on Olympic Security Issues 28.10.2009 2010 Olympics
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