Libby's Statements in Parliament

Title Published Categorized
We Need a New Map - My Farewell Address in Parliament after 18 years 02.06.2015
Paying tribute to East Van teacher, Mark Reid, contender for Varkey GEMS Foundation Global Teacher Prize 03.02.2015
Statement on World AIDS Day 2014 01.12.2014 Drug Policy, Health Care, Social Policy
Statement on Cuts to Co-op Housing 28.11.2014 Homelessness, Housing, Poverty
Statement on the passing of LGBTQ activist Jim Deva 23.09.2014 LGBT
Recognizing Michael Kirby's contribution to the field of mental health 09.06.2014
Honouring Bud Osborn 15.05.2014
Speaking out against Canada Post cuts 27.02.2014
Remembering Dr. Garson Romalis 05.02.2014
Statement on rural health care and celebrating family doctors 05.11.2013 Health Care
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's statement on National Nursing Week 07.05.2013 Health Care
Celebrating the Arts in Vancouver East 16.04.2013 Arts and Culture
Baseless Conservative government attacks 18.03.2013
Libby's statement marking the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women 06.12.2012 Missing Women, Social Policy
Libby's Statement on the 10th Anniversary of the Romanow Report 28.11.2012 Health Care
The NDP marks World AIDS Day 28.11.2012 Health Care
Libby's Statement Honouring Strathcona Community Organizations 21.11.2012
Libby marks Mental Illness Awareness Week 02.10.2012 Health Care
Libby and the NDP honour the victims of the Air India tragedy 21.06.2012 Peace & International Security
Libby recognizes the Canadian Cancer Society's Daffodil Day 26.04.2012 Health Care
Libby's statement in support of the new NDP Leader, Thomas Muclair 27.03.2012
Statement in Memoriam of Charlie Quan 09.03.2012
Libby's tribute to Robert R. Walsh, Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel 15.12.2011
Libby's Statement on the Conservative government's declining support for public health care 14.12.2011 Health Care
Libby’s Statement on Violence Against Sex Workers 06.12.2011 Missing Women, Sex Trade
Libby's Statement on World AIDS Day 01.12.2011 Health Care
Statement on Rodney Watson and war resisters 29.09.2011
Libby's Statement on Animal Cruelty Laws 07.03.2011
Statement on 20th Annual Women's Memorial March 09.02.2011
Libby speaks up on the dangers of residential cell phone towers 08.12.2010 Safety
Libby remembers Sandy Cameron 01.11.2010
Libby uses first day back to support public inquiry into missing and murdered women 21.09.2010 Missing Women
Libby speaking up for a lasting peace in the Middle East 26.11.2009 Social Policy
Libby on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 25.11.2009 Aboriginal, Missing Women, Safety, Social Policy
Libby speaking up for Pension Reform 06.11.2009 Social Policy
Libby's Motion on Security Costs for Visiting Dignitaries 02.11.2009 Federal Budget, Safety
Libby's Motion for Public Transit 27.10.2009 Environment
The Downtown Eastside Women's March 18.06.2009 Homelessness, Housing, Poverty, Social Policy
Hate Propaganda 05.09.2008 LGBT, Social Policy
Libby Speaks out Against the Exploitation of Migrant Workers 19.06.2008 Labour
Speaking Out Against Conservative's $54 Billion EI Theft 02.06.2008
NDP Statement in the House of Commons on the earthquake in China 15.05.2008
SPEAKING OUT: on April 28 Day of Mourning 28.04.2008 Labour
SPEAKING OUT: Housing is a Human Right! 17.04.2008
On the Sale of MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates to an American Arms Company 14.02.2008 Globalization, Peace & International Security
On the Aborigninal HIV/AIDS Crisis in Vancouver 07.02.2008 Aboriginal, Health Care, Homelessness, Housing
Trade Agreements and Worker's Rights 29.01.2008 Globalization, Jobs, Labour
On the Use of Tasers 15.11.2007 Safety
Conservative's Drug Strategy for Canada 04.06.2007 Drug Policy, Health Care
Day of Mourning 27.04.2007 Labour, Social Policy
Homelessness 01.11.2006 Homelessness, Housing, Poverty
Making Poverty History 16.10.2006 Poverty
Pesticides and the Environment 16.05.2006 Environment
Chinese Head Tax 10.05.2006 Chinese Head Tax
Canadian Labour Congress 50th Anniversary 27.04.2006 Labour
Canada's Role in Afghanistan 10.04.2006 Peace & International Security
BC Teacher's Strike 18.10.2005 Labour
Extraditing Canadians for US Laws 23.08.2005 Drug Policy, Globalization
National Day Against Homophobia 31.05.2005 LGBT, Social Policy
Mount Pleasant Legion 12.04.2005
Racial Profiling 21.03.2005 Racial Profiling
Housing 25.02.2005 Aboriginal, Housing
Star Wars 15.02.2005 Peace & International Security
Violence Against Women 03.12.2004 Safety, Social Policy
Child Care 27.10.2004 Childcare
Sister in Spirit Campaign 22.03.2004 Aboriginal, Federal Budget, Poverty, Safety, Social Policy
BC Wome's Centres 22.10.2003 Childcare, Poverty, Social Policy
Glen Hillson 13.06.2003 Health Care
Police Actions Against Non-Status Algerians 09.06.2003 Citizenship and Immigration, Safety
"Once in a Lifetime" Bill 13.05.2003 Citizenship and Immigration
International Day for the Elimination of Poverty 21.03.2003 Peace & International Security, Poverty