Conservative Scandals

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): - Mr. Speaker, Canadians are fed up and appalled at the litany of scandals plaguing the Conservative government. None of them have been resolved. The Quebec advisor is under investigation, the Canadian ambassador to the U.S. is under investigation, the chief of staff to the Prime Minister is under investigation, the Conservative election campaign is under investigation, complete with search warrants. When is the government going to release the results of the five ongoing investigations into Conservative misdeeds? When is it going to release those results?

Hon. Peter Van Loan (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform, CPC): - Mr. Speaker, we have been quite clear on this issue. I thought it was only the Liberal Party that liked to pursue the imaginary scandals because it does not have a leader or any policies. The NDP actually has some policies. We think they are very misguided but we actually thought it had them.

I can say quite clearly, as we have in the past, that in the case of all these imaginary scandals there really is nothing there other than a Liberal Party desperate to dredge up stuff to hide its own leadership problems and its own policy problems.

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): - Mr. Speaker, the government House leader seems to have forgotten that in the last election the Conservatives falsely promised that the years of Liberal style corruption in government would end. They promised plain, accountable government where nothing would be hidden. Well, nothing has changed. There are insulting answers in the House, obstinate ministers, RCMP raids, investigations by Elections Canada and now we get stonewalling.

I ask again. When can we expect the release of any of the five ongoing investigations into the Conservative misdeeds? When are we going to get to the truth? When will Canadians get the truth on these investigations?

Hon. Peter Van Loan (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform, CPC): - Mr. Speaker, what has happened in every case so far is we have gotten to the point where we put the results on the table and we find out, for example, that after allegations that a cabinet minister did something inappropriate, the RCMP says absolutely nothing wrong was done and it is totally clear. That is what happens every single time on every single issue.

I could go through them all but it turns out that, guess what, there is nothing there because this is a government that is cleaner than any government before and certainly cleaner than the government that right now has the legacy of having its executive director for Quebec arrested on charges of all that money that was taken from the taxpayers for the sponsorship scandal.

This Question Period Transcript was posted on April 18, 2008