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Hastings Park Commemoration of Internment of Japanese Canadians 26.04.2015 Citizenship and Immigration, Ethics
Throwback Thursday: Kitsilano Closure - we saw this coming 23.04.2015 Environment, Ethics, Port of Vancouver, Social Policy
NEW DEMOCRATS RAMP-UP CAMPAIGN TO REVERSE HARPER’S COAST GUARD CUTS 14.04.2015 Environment, Media, Port of Vancouver, Safety
Sign onto the NDP petition in opposition to Stephen Harper's "anti-terrorism" legislation, Bill C-51 19.02.2015 Democratic Reform, Ethics, Peace & International Security, Safety, Social Policy
Dying with Dignity - Community Forum 21.01.2015 Health Care
Take Back Our Coast 13.01.2015 Environment
COMMUNITY LINKS BULLETIN - January to March 2015 16.12.2014
NDP Marijuana Policy 26.11.2014 Drug Policy
Libby’s Travelling Community Office is Coming to a Location Near You! 05.11.2014
Libby’s Travelling Community Office 23.09.2014
Community Links Bulletin - September to December 2014 21.09.2014
Libby to Minister Ambrose on Health Canada's Nutrition Labelling: key changes needed to provide better information to Canadians 11.09.2014 Health Care
Nutrition labelling reforms needed to help Canadians make healthier choices 11.09.2014 Health Care
Reality Check: does Minister Ambrose understand her own file? 20.08.2014 Health Care
Tom Mulcair: Canadians want balanced and principled approach to Mideast conflict 11.08.2014 Peace & International Security
Happy Pride! 24.07.2014 LGBT
Letter to Minister on Safety Code 6: Updating Canada's regulations on radiation-emitting wireless devices 10.07.2014 Health Care
Community Links Bulletin - July to September 2014 27.06.2014
Happy Canada Day 2014 27.06.2014
What Conservatives Have Missed About Drug Safety 25.06.2014 Health Care
Port Metro Vancouver to meet with residents of East Vancouver 20.06.2014 undefined
In support of the June 8th Walk for Type 1 Diabetes 03.06.2014
Essay Contest for East Vancouver High School Students 03.06.2014
BC Supreme court grants injunction for prescription heroin users 29.05.2014 Health Care
In memory of Bud Osborn 07.05.2014 undefined
Health care: Now is the Time 05.05.2014 Health Care
Libby’s Travelling Community Office is Coming to a Location Near You! 21.03.2014
Health Canada plans to share medical marijuana users information with law enforcement 17.03.2014 Health Care
Community Links Bulletin - April to June 2014 12.03.2014
Worried about Canada Post cuts? 14.02.2014 Jobs, Safety
Libby’s Travelling Community Office is Coming to a Location Near You! 22.01.2014
Community Links Bulletin - January to March 2014 18.12.2013
Happy Holidays! 17.12.2013
You're Invited to our Seasonal Open House! 16.12.2013
Save Canada Post! Add your voice. 12.12.2013
Nominations now being accepted for the 2014 Paul Yuzyk Award for Multiculturalism 28.11.2013
Libby’s Travelling Community Office is Coming to a Location Near You! 21.11.2013
Typhoon Haiyan 18.11.2013
Libby's bill to expand and enhance home, long-term, and palliative care 31.10.2013 Health Care
Libby’s Travelling Community Office is Coming to a Location Near You! 22.10.2013
Community Links Bulletin - October to December 2013 30.09.2013
You're Invited To... 26.09.2013
You're Invited! 30.08.2013 Health Care
Check out POW! 06.08.2013 LGBT
Libby's Travelling Community Office is coming to a location near you! 30.07.2013
Happy Pride Vancouver! 29.07.2013 LGBT
Happy Canada Day! 28.06.2013
In Celebration of National Aboriginal Day 21.06.2013 Aboriginal
COMMUNITY LINKS BULLETIN - July to September 2013 14.06.2013
Conservative shut down debate for the 40th time, happy anniversary! 04.06.2013 Democratic Reform, Ethics
Don't let the Conservative government re-write history 21.05.2013 Heritage
Libby's travelling community office is coming to a location near you! 09.05.2013
Community Links Bulletin - April to June 2013 25.03.2013
PSAC illuminates the Conservatives' food safety cuts 14.03.2013 Health Care
How Much Sodium are You Eating? New Online Salt Calculator Sums it Up! 08.03.2013 Bill C-460, Health Care
Watch the Jack Layton movie Sunday on CBC 07.03.2013
Happy Lunar New Year! 13.02.2013
Bill C-460: FAQs 30.01.2013 Bill C-460
What is Bill C-460 about anyways? Here's a brief summary of the bill 30.01.2013 Bill C-460
Congratulations to our Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipients 24.01.2013
You're Invited to a Special Townhall for Business Owners 22.01.2013
Supporters of Bill C-460 02.01.2013 Bill C-460, Health Care
Sign the petition in support for Libby's sodium reduction bill! 02.01.2013 Bill C-460, Health Care
Community Links Bulletin - January to March 2013 01.01.2013
You're invited to... 12.12.2012
Seeking donations in support of East Van organizations 22.11.2012
Libby’s Travelling Community Office is Coming to a Location Near You! 14.11.2012
Health Care Forum in Edmonton 13.11.2012 Health Care
In Support of National Pain Awareness Week 07.11.2012 Health Care
Libby introduces her bill for a sodium reduction strategy 05.11.2012 Bill C-460, Health Care
Parliament's Digital Makeover 15.10.2012
Libby's Hill Times Health Policy Editorial 11.10.2012 Health Care
Libby fights to keep Mount Pleasant in East Van! 10.10.2012
In Support of Bill C-448 04.10.2012 LGBT
Community Links Bulletin - October to December 2012 01.10.2012
Check out the NDP's Campaign for Health Care 27.09.2012 Health Care
You're Invited... 13.09.2012
In Support of War Resisters 11.09.2012 Peace & International Security
Calling all artists – you could illustrate our 2013 calendar! 16.08.2012
Addressing Health Inequalities at the Annual CMA Meeting 15.08.2012 Health Care
Happy Pride Vancouver! 03.08.2012 LGBT
World Hepatitis Day 27.07.2012 Health Care
Libby celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Quebec Manor 16.07.2012 Housing
Join Libby at the McLean Family BBQ! 29.06.2012
Libby Celebrates the 30th Annual Walk for Peace 29.06.2012 Peace & International Security
Be a radical & save our coast! 27.06.2012 Environment
Community Links Bulletin - July to September 2012 21.06.2012
What you can do to stand up for the rights of refugees! 29.05.2012 Citizenship and Immigration
Tell us what you think about the Conservative budget! 16.05.2012 Federal Budget
Nomination opens for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals 02.05.2012
Recap: Libby's internet privacy forum 27.04.2012 Media
You're Invited to Libby's Pension Panel! 04.04.2012
Community Links Bulletin - April to June 2012 22.03.2012
How to report 'robocalls' 21.03.2012 Democratic Reform, Ethics
You're Invited To.... 19.03.2012
In Support of Locked-out Rocky Mountaineer Employees 05.03.2012 Jobs, Labour
Check out Libby at the 'Robo-call' Rally last weekend! 04.03.2012 Democratic Reform, Ethics
Winter 2012 Constituency Report 24.02.2012
Speak up and protect your pension! 24.02.2012
How would you reimagine the CBC? 22.02.2012 Arts and Culture
21st Annual Women's Memorial March 14.02.2012 Missing Women, Safety
Protect Old Age Security - Tell us what YOU think! 09.02.2012
Libby's Hill Times Editorial on Health Care 09.02.2012 Health Care
COMMUNITY LINKS BULLETIN - January to March 2012 20.12.2011
You're Invited! 15.12.2011
Thank you! 15.12.2011
The NDP fights for the rights of those living in Attawapiskat 12.12.2011 Aboriginal, Poverty
Libby remembers Bob Rosen 24.11.2011
Help me support East Van schools! 22.11.2011 Education, Poverty
Libby's Remembrance Day Statement 09.11.2011 Poverty
Libby's letter in support of Stop the Violence BC 01.11.2011 Drug Policy
COMMUNITY LINKS BULLETIN - November to December 2011 26.10.2011
Come out and chat with Libby! 18.10.2011
Join me for a Thanksgiving Dinner in support Rodney Watson! 23.09.2011
Petition for 2014 Health Accord 01.09.2011 Health Care
Community Links Bulletin - September to October 2011 28.08.2011
Jack Layton's Celebration of Life - Newly Added Indoor Location for Watching the State Funeral Tomorrow 26.08.2011
Jack's Celebration of Life - Vancouver venue 25.08.2011
Jack Layton 22.08.2011
Happy 25th Anniversary Carnegie Newsletter! 10.08.2011
The Walk4Justice needs your support! 29.07.2011
Statement on Jack Layton's Announcement 26.07.2011
Happy Pride Week! 25.07.2011
Join the fight to keep the internet open and affordable! 22.07.2011
You're Invited! 13.07.2011 Aboriginal, Racial Profiling
Libby's Canada Day Greeting 01.07.2011
COMMUNITY LINKS BULLETIN - July to August 2011 28.06.2011
Libby's Statement on the Anniversary of the Air India Bombing 23.06.2011
Libby's words of support for Gladys Radek and the Walk4Justice 21.06.2011 Missing Women
Libby speaks out in support of public health care 20.06.2011
Libby speaks in support of community health centres 13.06.2011
Libby's excited for her new role as Health critic! 03.06.2011 Health Care
Libby asks BC's Attorney General to Extend Funding to Community Applicants in Missing Women Commission of Inquiry 01.06.2011 Missing Women, Sex Trade
Check out Openmedia's digital action plan! 30.05.2011
The NDP's Statement on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia 19.05.2011 LGBT
Join me for a post-election roundtable! 11.05.2011
Budget Fails to Support Affordable Housing 25.03.2011
Poem in support of a National Housing Strategy 15.03.2011 Bill C-304
Statement on Earthquake in Japan 11.03.2011
Bill C-304 moves back to Parliament for final vote 10.03.2011 Bill C-304
Community Links Bulletin - March to April 2011 26.02.2011
Cell Phone Towers Forum - Join us this weekend! 18.02.2011 Safety
You are invited - Forum on Cell Phone Towers 17.02.2011
You're Invited! 07.02.2011
Our Community. Our Resource. Our Canada. 02.02.2011
Statement on the passing of David Kato 31.01.2011 LGBT
Libby speaks out at Missing Women Commission of Inquiry 25.01.2011 Missing Women, Safety
THE FUTURE OF MEDICARE: A vision for a renewed public health care system 13.01.2011 Health Care
COMMUNITY LINKS BULLETIN - January to February 2011 23.12.2010
YOU’RE invited to our Seasonal Open House! 09.12.2010
Vote for Gladys as a Champion of Change! 09.12.2010
Update: Libby's Bill for a National Housing Strategy 26.11.2010 Housing
Discussing innovations in illegal drug policy 23.11.2010 Drug Policy
Oil & Water 26.10.2010
Community Links Bulletin - November to December 2010 25.10.2010
Red Tent National Day of Action for a Federal Housing Strategy 17.10.2010 Bill C-304
Update on Bill C-304 and a Canadian Day of Action for Housing 15.10.2010 Bill C-304
Bill C-304 Fall Update 23.09.2010 Bill C-304
What Does Bill C-304 Do? 30.08.2010 Bill C-304
Community Links Bulletin - September to October 2010 15.08.2010
Libby attends 2010 World AIDS Conference 29.06.2010 Drug Policy, Health Care
Community Links Bulletin - July / August 2010 27.06.2010
Libby's response to inflamatory editorial 11.06.2010
Libby Davies speaks out on attack on humanitarian aid ships 31.05.2010
MP expenses and annual audits 15.05.2010
Community Links Bulletin - May to June 2010 28.04.2010
Celebrating 35 Years of Community Radio in Vancouver! 15.04.2010 Arts and Culture
Community Links Bulletin - March to April 2010 23.02.2010
Another chance to see Libby's Community Report 04.12.2009
Assistance to Shelter Act, an open letter to Mayor and Council 03.12.2009 2010 Olympics, Homelessness, Housing, Poverty, Social Policy
Reminder - Libby's annual Seasonal Open House! 02.12.2009
EVENT REMINDER: a Public Forum on Olympic Security Issues 28.10.2009 2010 Olympics
COMMUNITY LINKS BULLETIN - November to December 2009 20.10.2009
Homeless Count in Renfrew-Collingwood Neighbourhood: Get Involved! 25.09.2009 Homelessness, Poverty, Social Policy
Community Links Bulletin - September to October 2009 01.09.2009
You are invited - Have your say on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)! 04.07.2009 Heritage
Happy Canada Day 30.06.2009 Arts and Culture
Libby Davies' 3rd Annual MacLean Park Family Barbeque 30.06.2009
Food for Thought - Food Security Forum 30.06.2009 Environment
COMMUNITY LINKS BULLETIN - July to August 2009 12.06.2009
You are invited - Have your say on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)! 11.06.2009 Heritage, Media
You are invited to Food for Thought - a forum on food security 11.06.2009
Petition 11.06.2009
National Day of Reconciliation 11.06.2009 Aboriginal, Social Policy
YOU’RE INVITED 04.06.2009
Our deepest condolences and sympathy to the people of Italy 07.04.2009
Hope in the Shadows: Forward by Libby Davies 17.02.2009
Justice is Only for a Few 10.02.2009 Poverty, Social Policy
2009 Vancouver East Community Consultations on the Federal Budget 23.01.2009 Arts and Culture, Childcare, Education, Federal Budget, Health Care, Homelessness, Housing, Jobs, Poverty, Social Policy
Support Insite: Free performance by Bedouin Soundclash and Black Mountain 04.12.2008 Drug Policy, Health Care, Safety
Vancouver Rally Thursday at Canada Place 01.12.2008
Community Links Bulletin December 2008 to February 2009 01.12.2008
You are invited to my Community Winter Celebration! 26.11.2008
Federal Election called for October 14, 2008 11.09.2008
Canada's Medical Marijuana Program Needs Reform 07.07.2008 Drug Policy
Libby's Bill to help prevent cheque cashing fraud 06.07.2008
NDP motion to let war resisters stay passes 03.06.2008
October 4 National Vigil for Aboriginal Women - for Sisters in Spirit Vigil 04.10.2007 Aboriginal, Missing Women, Safety
Message from Libby 28.09.2007
Letter to Bruce Allen 27.09.2007 Citizenship and Immigration
Peru Condolences 17.08.2007
Harm Reduction Alert 01.07.2007 Drug Policy
A Greener Homes Strategy 01.10.2006 Environment, Housing
Speaking Out for Greener Communities 01.10.2006 Environment
A Greener Homes Strategy 01.10.2006 Environment
A Greener Industry Strategy 01.10.2006 Environment, Jobs
A Greener Transportation Strategy 01.10.2006 Environment, Jobs
Proposals to Revitalize Vancouver's Chinatown 01.06.2004 Chinatown, Heritage