Cell Phone Towers Forum - Join us this weekend!

I, along with Shane Simpson (MLA, Vancouver-Hastings), am hosting a community meeting about the placement of cell phone towers in residential neighbourhoods, on:

Date: Sunday, February 20th

Time: 1:00pm

Place: Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, 2425 Oxford (at Nanaimo).

Special guest speakers included. For more information contact 604 775 5800.

This Update from Libby was posted on February 18, 2011

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Thank you!

I am very proud of the federal NDP and of you Libby for taking on this crucial issue that has been for far too long pushed out of sight and out of mind.

Enough peer reviewed science exists to support that harm is occurring to humans and wildlife (flora / fauna) with respect to microwave radiation. Convenience should NEVER trump safety of the public. It is high time we started having these discussions. Especially since cell towers are being deployed at exponential rate and BC Hydro is also about to deploy smart meters which will further blanket entire cities with microwave radiation. All this radiation is cumulative - the more of it you have, the more dangerous it becomes to the human body, especially children, who are in full development.

I would also like to point out that several NDP MLAs are having similar discussions with public, and that even Jack Layton has written to us acknowledging microwave radiation to be an issue that he is starting to look into.

Thank you and Shane, on behalf of all our children, citizens and wildlife, for having started the dialogue!

Peter Endisch Jr.
Tricity Green Council