Libby speaking up for a lasting peace in the Middle East

(Libby Davies, MP Vancouver East): Mr. Speaker

I am honored that the report of the parliamentary delegation to the West Bank and Gaza, this past August, is now presented.

It was a significant and compelling experience and I am committed to raising awareness about the worsening humanitarian disaster in Gaza and the need to end the blockade, normalize borders, and end the occupation of Palestinian lands

I am deeply concerned that the Conservative government has so politicized the situation in the Middle East, and has gone so far as to attack MP’s and organizations who criticize the actions of Israel, as being anti-Semitic. Let’s be clear, Anti-Semitism has no place in Canadian society.

The Conservative attacks are reminiscent of McCarthyism and also have no place in Canadian society.

Rather than trying to silence and denigrate legitimate public debate, including its contempt of the Goldstone report, the Conservative Government must stand up for International Law, Human Rights, and the 4th Geneva Convention.

I hope all members will consider this report and ensure that Canada affirms its commitment to peace and justice for Palestinians, and for a lasting peace in the Middle East.

This Statement in the House of Parliament was posted on November 26, 2009


Lasting peace in the Middle East

Dear Libby,

Thank you for your timely remarks. We need more parliamentarians and Canadians raising their voices in support of a lasting peace in the Middle East.


Anthony Salloum

'Lasting Peace in the Middle East'?

Libby why is it that you're never interested in "ensuring peace in Canada, first and foremost"?

What does the "crime ridden Canada" owe the Middle East,?

We need 'peace' in Canada, are you blind to these facts?

When is the NDP going to do something about this escalating "gang insurgency"? 130 gangs are operating in Canada today and the NDP are playing around in the 'Middle East'. Canadians don't have 'peace' at home. Are you a Canadian politician or 'Middle east'? Make up your mind and get to work!

The 'Middle East'. Are you cognoscente of the 'worst child poverty in Canada is here in B.C.? How about the 'homeless'? For shame.

Get your priorities straight!

Mike Hansen

peace at home

I aggree that we have to work on peace here, but i disagree that they have to be mutually exclusive. We should be setting examples of peaceful models and those of us that see the issue must work together to solve it. it is a frustrating thing when our greatest ememy is the apathy of those that can make a diffence and do nothing. That doesn't mean we can't move ourselves to make change in our own environments. thanks for speaking/writing...

Mike Hansen

Dear Mike:
Merry Christmas- did you take your two stat holidays for this event?- Uhhh- then you, personally, owe the Middle East at least 2 days - more if you take the Easter holiday.

Why is it that one day in the Middle East means that Ms Davies is not interested in "ensuring peace in Canada, first and foremost?"

Do you go to church? - your religion is a gift of the sacrifice of a man from the Israeli Occupied Areas. It is a truism that there can be no peace and security without justice, for you and your neighbours. To quote a Gaza resident "The last thing you want is a person with nothing to lose as your neighbour".

Are you blind to these facts?-

I agree with your list of problems facing us right here in Canada- and could add a bunch more, but I think that a simple perusal of Ms. Davies votes and speeches in Parliament demonstrates that she is doing just what you suggest.

At least you are writing to your MP. Maybe you would also like to volunteer some of the free time you owe the Middle East to help her win those objectives?

Happy New Year
P. Cousineau

Thank you

Thank you, Libby, for your courage in challenging Harper's faux-crusade against antisemitism. Toadying to the right wing of the most successful, most privileged, most influential white minority in Canada while standing knee-deep in a cesspool of islamophobic racism is exactly his style. If I were in your riding, I'd definitely be voting NDP in the next federal election. But I have had to leave off voting NDP because the only party left that doesn't yet offend me on a regular basis is the Greens.

D. Relke

Libby's Hypocrisy.

Interesting how concerned you are for Gaza. Where were you when thousands of missiles were being shot over from Gaza into Israel. Where was your concern for the citizens of Sderot, Israel and the close to one million Israelis within missile reach? Where was your trip to Sderot to assess the worsening disaster -as children had 15 seconds to run to bomb shelters in their playgrounds.
Do you not remember that there is no longer an occupation of Gaza- Israel withdrew unilaterally in 2005. If Hamas was not threatening the lives of Israeli Civilians with missiles and trying to kidnap soldiers (Gilad Shalit was taken from Israel) there would not be an issue. When will you call on the Palestinians to take responsibility for their actions. They will not recognize Israel's right to exist. They call on the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.
You stated that Anti-Semitism has no place in Canadian society. I ask you if ignoring Anti-Semitism in the middle east is acceptable. That's what you are doing. By virtue of ignoring it, you are condoning it. Anti-Israel is the new politically correct way of being Anti-Semetic. "Oh no, I'm not against Jews I'm just against Israel." Don't fool yourself, Hamas wants the end of the Jewish people and is virulently Anti-Semetic. All you have to do is watch Hamas television (on youtube) as their version of Mickey Mouse tells children about how virtuous it is to kill Jews (not Israelis).
Shame on you.

Typical Zionist misleading hasbara.

"Thousands of missiles": Homemade missiles with no warheads, that could not reach into Israel or do any real damage, fired by people being starved by the siege being imposed on Gaza, and by decades of previous illegal occupation.

"Where was your oncern for the citizens of Sderot": Israeli land thieves built Sderot on the ashes of an ethnically cleansed and defaced Palestinian village called Najd. You steal their lands, raze their homes and public buildings, force them into refugee, (internment) camps and expect they will not fight back? Dazzling hubris!

"Do you remember there is not an occupation of Gaza.." No, after 3 decades of occupation ther is now just a complete siege by land and sea which is slowly starving 1.5 million civilians and depriving them of even the basic necessities for life against all international law. Slow ethnic cleansing and real racism is what this is!

"Anti-Israel is the new politically correct way of being Anti-Semetic." Horse-crap, and by the way the term is spelled anti-Semitic! Palestians are Semites. 80+% of Jews living in Israel are not, they are European Ashkens. Disagreeing with the politics, policies and actions of the Israel apartheid state is the right and indeed the responsibility of every global citizen of conscience. This worn out effort to avoid responsibility and blame all of Israel's problems on racism won't cut it with informed Canadians any more! Sell it to ignorant people like yourself!

Shame on you and all your silly, easy to disprove misinformation!

You've gotta be kidding,

You've gotta be kidding, Anonymous. Israel illegally occupies Palestinian land, and to secure it, they've done everything in the past from murdering people, assassinating politicians, dismissing international human rights, all because Zionists want the land for themselves. They are the "chosen ones," and they even ethnically cleanse an entire people based on this. It's disgusting, and the true hypocrites are people like Harper, Kent and Cannon who think that Israel can do no wrong. It's a load of baloney, and the world is finally coming to see it.


Libby, I admire your courage to speak out against the massacre in Gaza. The Israeli apartheid régime is attempting to shield itself from justified criticism of its horrible human rights practices through spurius accusations of anti-semitism. Another current strategy by apologists for Israeli "Defence" Forces' atrocities is to claim that IDF lawlessness represents the will of Jews worldwide. This is clearly not the case as Israel has been condemned by jews and non-jews world-wide for its phosphorous bombing and brutal murders of some 1400 defenseless men, women and children in Gaza. It is time for peace and reconciliation in one state of Israel/Palestine with equal human rights for all and right of return for all refugees. For an admirable example of young Israelis condemning the IDF's abuses go to:



Israel abandoned Gaza years ago. The government of Gaza has imprisoned and tortured many citizens and done little, or nothing, to improve the Pals lives. Way too easy to blame Israel (which has been constantly attacked since its founding in 1948). If the government in Gaza would focus on the Gazans and quit their dream of violence and destruction, peace will find it's way to the Middle East. Only the ignorant and blind cannot see the truth. Why should Israel risk all it has achieved if their 'partners in peace' are such a fraud. Be real, Canadians. The NDP hid behind the 'victim' rhetoric. We can help them once they learn to help themselves. You mustn't support the underdogs simply because they are underdogs. Hamas is keeping them that way in order to propogate the myth that they are in a hopeless situation. Wasn't Israels' pulling out and the ensuing election supposed to improve their lot? What has the Hamas government done with the billions in support they DID receive? Do not blame Israel for the Pals own shortcomings. Are you all blind? Or simply anti-Semitic? Know the facts.