Libby renews call for public inquiry into Vancouver's missing women

Call to coincide with International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

VANCOUVER – On the international day to raise awareness of violence and discrimination against sex workers, MP Libby Davies (Vancouver East) has renewed her call for a public inquiry into the actions of the Vancouver Police Department and the RCMP in their investigation of Vancouver’s missing women.

“I first raised this issue in Parliament in 2001, calling for an inquiry into police actions, and for the federal government to work with all levels of law enforcement to stop the disappearance of so many women from the Downtown Eastside,” said Davies. “Almost nine years later, many questions still remain.”

In a response to a recent email from Maggie de Vries, the sister of Sarah de Vries who disappeared in 1998, VPD Police Chief Jim Chu and Deputy Chief Doug LePard publicly stated their support for an inquiry.

“I commend the perseverance and courage of Maggie de Vries in her struggle for justice for her sister, and I’m encouraged by the new support from the Vancouver Police,” said Davies.

Davies’ Private Member’s Motion in 2002 led to a special Parliamentary Sub-Committee to examine solicitation laws. The goal was to improve the safety of sex trade workers and the community in general, recognizing that many of the missing women worked in the sex trade.

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This Press Release was posted on December 17, 2009

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One approach you may consider

One approach you may consider taking, Ms. Davies, is to support Bill C-268. That would be a first step towards protecting these women and girls and preventing the pimps/traffickers/johns from murdering these innocent people. As the elected MP for this area you have a MASSIVE resonsibility towards these women and it appears you aren't doing your job to the degree in which you are required. Hundreds of women and girls are trafficked into YOUR area from within Canada and from abroad every single year. Your passive inaction on this issue is condoning the behaviour of the pimps/traffickers/johns. While it is fair to want to help out the very small population of prostitutes who are in the trade of their own free will, the bigger and much ignored problem is the ones who are forced into prostitution. It is called SEX SLAVERY.