Petition for Libby's National Housing Strategy Bill C-304

Earlier this year, I introduced Bill C-304, a bill for a National Housing Strategy that will bring all levels of government together to enact a plan to increase safe, affordable housing across Canada. The Bill could be voted on as early as this fall. I'm encouraging everyone who supports this bill to download and sign my petition. Together, we can work to end homelessness and housing insecurity in Canada.


This Blog Entry was posted on September 2, 2009


need to include "adequate" in descriptors for housing

I work as a public health nurse in BC and I work with women whose lives and options are impacted by the Social Determinants. Since the majority of single parent households are headed by women and most women who are single parents live at or below the poverty level, this is an issue of great importance to me. Women are mostly invisible when homelessness is talked about in the media. The issue of gender as a social determinant is important. In a recent nursing conference I attended, a study of shelter users found that 42% of women in shelters were mothers and attempting to parent and the researchers also noted that mother's who were "couch surfing" do not appear in most studies as indeed they were not counted in this researcher's study data. In BC, our government has removed "couch surfing" as a criteria for defining "homelessness"- I guess if you are staying with family, friends or strangers, you are considered "housed". I believe that families need safe, affordable and "adequate" housing which means that construction meets minimum codes, there is a place to cook a meal, wash and shower, and no risk of mould, faulty wiring, and/or the roof or windows falling out. I was visiting a home and had to assist a family to evacuate because of a fire in the faulty wiring in the subsidized housing complex and the thick black smoke in the baby's room! Please add this important descriptor to your bill, safe and affordable housing is not enough.

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Thanks for writing about this

Thanks for writing about this important issue. I'm hoping to get my bill, C-304, An Act to ensure secure, adequate, accessible, and affordable housing for Canadians, through Parliament. I certainly agree with your comments - we have always included things like lack of maintenance and couch-surfing, as part of the issue that needs addressing. I think you also point out the gender aspects of this too. Thanks for writing!

Great job on coop radio!

Hey Libby, good job on 102.7 radio today, good luck on your bill I hope it passes!
I was being interviewed for a worker issue (being fired for exposing poor living conditions at tarsands work camps).

Keep it up!

Mike Thomas

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