Parliament passes Libby's Bill for a National Housing Strategy

Ottawa – Today, Parliament voted to move forward with the New Democrats' National Housing Strategy, sending it to Committee.

“Parliament recognizes that it’s time for the federal government to step up and lead a coordinated approach to address Canada’s growing housing crisis,” said NDP MP Libby Davies (Vancouver East), the Bill’s sponsor. “Rising unemployment, housing costs, and the lack of safe, affordable housing affect the health and wellbeing of tens of thousands of Canadians,” said Davies.

NDP Housing Critic MP Megan Leslie (Halifax) has tabled dozens of petitions in Parliament calling for such a National Strategy. “Canada is the only G-8 country without a national housing strategy,” said Leslie. “This Bill makes economic sense and finally puts Canada on track to meet its national and international commitments to end homelessness.”

Several mayors, housing groups, and anti-poverty organizations have endorsed the bill which calls on the federal government to work with provincial, territorial, municipal and aboriginal counterparts to establish a housing strategy to address Canada’s housing crisis to ensure the cost of housing does not interfere with the ability to meet other basic needs like food and access to education.



Thank you for all of your hard work

I received word of your efforts so far today from Wendy Pedersen of Carnegie Community Action Project. I live in the Downtown Eastside. I've photographed changes the neighbourhood has undergone in recent years and have paid close attention to the housing shortage and homelessness.

If you are in town on Friday, October 9, please visit the Museum of Vancouver at Vanier Park from 7-9PM. Monte Paulsen, investigative editor and reporter with The Tyee, will be giving a free and hopeful talk on solutions to ending homelessness. He has written several extensive articles on the issue over the past two years, around the same time I started shooting the neighbourhood. He has borrowed a page from our new City Manager and has created a PowerPoint presentation in which my photos will illustrate his discussion.

With people like you doing the hard work involved in getting the legislation that is so badly needed passed, and people like Monte those he will mention who are focused on what will work once the legislation is passed, the future looks more promising.

The Blackbird

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