You are invited - Have your say on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)!

Libby Davies hosts public forum on the CBC with NDP Heritage Critic Charlie Angus.

No need to RSVP - and feel free to share this invitation with friends.

Date: Wednesday July 8
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm
Place: Vancouver Public Library, Alice MacKay Room (350 West Georgia Street)

For more information, contact 604-775-5800 or email

This Update from Libby was posted on July 4, 2009


pot growers and dismisal of tourism minister

while most of the pot growers are not gang members all the large growers are connected to gangs so maybe you want to stop listening to your pot growing buddies and start listening to the rcmp and as for the tourism minister getting fired for funding gay pride parade at least the prime minister has some values and makes his decisions not on the all mighty buck like you do but on moral values and i'm not saying gay pride should not be funded but this parade is about a lifestyle aand nothing more than a porn show and if the ndp support this type of blatant in your face parade than you will never get my vote.

you are wrong

The conservatives are slaves to the dollar. That`s what bill c-15 is really about, bringing private American style prisons to Canada. Take a lesson from Dick Cheney, he owns plenty of options in these prisons.

Also, I personally know a few large growers that are not `gang`members. uh-oh...I guess I should expect the RCMP to show up at my door now, huh, luckily I am not a grower, but I support them 100%