Libby's letter to Prime Minister on Gaza

January 6, 2009

Right Honourable Stephen Harper
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear Prime Minister,

The top UN official in Gaza has reported that "nowhere is safe in Gaza." With a mounting death toll of over 600 Palestinians; over 2,700 wounded; and an unfolding humanitarian crisis of no running water, no electricity, no adequate medical help, and 13,000 refugees who have fled the front lines, the assault on Gaza by Israel will not in any way improve conditions for peace and security. Indeed it will only create greater instability and violence in the area.

An immediate ceasefire is imperative, to prevent an even greater disaster of human suffering and destruction. Such a ceasefire must include an end to the firing of rockets from Hamas into Israel.

The lack of leadership from the Canadian government is shameful in the face of such events.

Canada should be using all its efforts to work at the UN and in the international community, to bring about a ceasefire, to end the blockade, and to focus efforts on humanitarian aid and reconstruction in Gaza, plus a just peace process, as per previous UN resolutions.

I have received many messages from constituents who are outraged that Canada has done nothing.

We expect our government to uphold international law and work to stop this aggression by one state upon another. We must condemn all acts of violence, and use every available means for political, diplomatic, and peaceful resolutions.

I urge the Canadian government to speak out and no longer be apologetic for what is taking place.

Yours sincerely,

Libby Davies, MP (Vancouver East)

Jack Layton, Leader, NDP
Paul Dewar, MP (Ottawa Centre), NDP Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs

This Blog Entry was posted on January 7, 2009
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Gaza and The right of Palestinians to exist

I'm so glad there is at least one NDPer who is not afraid to speak out on Gaza.

I am so outraged by the lack of support for Palestinians who were victimized when Israel was created in 1948 and continue to be abused with what seems like greater intensity with each year. Israel is a rogue state which ignores international and humanitarian law and has since 1948. It is illegal for Israel to have taken control of Gaza, the West Bank and Golan Heights in 1967 according to International Law. And still Israel keeps stealing more land for illegal settlements and a "security fence" which is mostly on Palestinian Land. How can this and many more violations by Israel be tolerated?

It's outrageous that Canada should support such lawlessness! It's outrageous that Canada does not take the lead to condemn Israeli ethnic cleansing and genocide and apartheid.

How can this even be considered a two-sided issue? Were there two sides to consider when the Germans murdered Jews in the Holocaust? NO Were there two sides to consider when South Africa practised aprtheid? NO Why should Canada try to be NEUTRAL when it comes to Israel's treatment of the Palestinians?? I feel like I live in an Orwellian nightmare. The world is upside down!

Israel's existential problem

Please remember that Palestine is under the control of Hamas leadership whose Charter calls for replacing the State of Israel with a Palestinian Islamic State in Israel, West Bank and Gaza: In other words, they do not recognize the right of Israel to exist. The same Charter also states that "Israel will continue to exist until Islam abolishes it." (original text in Arabic, translation available on the website) Unfortunately for Israel and for the rest of the world, Israel is surrounded by those states who wish for her annihilation. In fact, Israel is not even shown in the textbooks used in Iran, for example.

What kind of negotiation does Libby Davies think is possible? Her demands on behalf of the Palestinians, for example, taking down the wall, is, under the circumstance, chilling in its lethal implications for Israel.

PLO or Hamas have equally utterly failed to provide leadership for their people, to help build necessary infrastructures, but never hesitated to use their own people as human shields by locating their missile launching sites among civilian locations such as schools and hospitals, while deliberately targeting Israeli citizens with their rockets and succeeding in their PR campaigns splashing photos of their own dead children, grieving mothers, etc. The terrorists PR is effective with gullible consumers in the West who are fortunate to live in safe places like Canada, who perhaps out of the goodness of their hearts, take up the "cause" without understanding,or exercising critical thinking.

For views on the ground, "Son of Hamas" by Mosab Hassan Yousef, the eldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who was one of the six founding member of Hamas provides what it was like to live through the first and second Intifada provides a very unique perspective, as there are many other such sources for information.

Stopping Hamas Rocket Attacks

Why don't you complain that Stephen Harper has not done enough to stop Hamas from its daily rocket attacks on Israel? That is the cause of the military actions by Israel - and the only way it will stop is when Hamas agrees to stop firing rockets.

So why is it that you choose to be critical of Stephen Harper for not stopping Israel's attempts to protect its citizens - but you have no expectations that Stephen Harper should have done something to stop Hamas's rocket attacks.

I will take this one step further - Ms Davies why have YOU done nothing to stop Hamas's daily rocket attacks on the citizens of Israel? I know you are very involved with the Palestinian cause yet what have you done to stop a practice of attacking Israeli citizens and provoking Israel to respond. It brings nothing but even more hardship to the Palestinian people yet all you do is complain about Israel's response.

All through Europe thousands demonstrate and decry the exact same message as you - Israel must stop - but just like you, the suggestion that maybe Hamas should stop attacking Israel is lost in the shuffle.

NDP anti Israel

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP)
> It appears that the Hon. Member has been away.
> She has not heard the news of the thousands of shells fired from Gaza into
> Israel.
> She missed the news of Israeli Children being traumatized by the shelling.
> She has missed the news of the injuries caused by the terrorists.
> She has not heard of the smuggled arms via tunnels.
> It is amazing that in the entire statement, only one thing is correct.
> The reference to the bad guys..... Israeli DEFENCE forces.
> The Israeli action is always precipitated
> by the criminal and illegal action of the terrorists.
> The above silliness.... just when I thought that the NDP got it right this
> time around.

A reply to Anonymous by Jake Jackson

The extraordinary organisational skills of the pro Israeli lobby and the pressure they are able to bring to bear on the mass media and governments never ceases to amaze me.
In the UK the BBC refused to run an appeal to raise money for the Palestinians in Gaza after the genocidal bombardment by the IDF, because it knew that if it did the Israeli embassy would coordinate a small army of Mr and Mrs Anonymous to bombard their phone lines with anti Israeli bias and anti semitism. I keep reading the same sickening propaganda, as posted by anonymous, above. Its like a press release from the Israeli government, in fact, come to think of it, it probably is a press release. As usual Anonymous omits to mention the 'killer' facts 1300 palestinians massacred, the majority civilians,many women and children. Their homes bombed or bulldozed. 13 Israelis dead including victims of friendly fire.
Excuse me if I do not shed a tear, in these circumstances for the poor traumatised Israeli children, as I am too busy weeping for the poor innocent and DEAD Palestinian children. For Anonymous one traumatised Israeli child is worth more than hundreds of dead Palestinian children.
And do not even think of accusing me of anti semiticism. The Palestinians are semitic people. When I opposed the Apartheid South African regime nobody accused me of being anti-white. Its the regime stupid

Your support for a balanced approach to what is going on in Gaza

The world needs to understand that the minority government in Canada does not represent all Canadians and that their shameful tacit approval of the killing and burning by White phosphorous shells of innocent children in Gaza is not acceptable to us average Canadians.

Thank you for your support to stop the massacre immediately.

Genocide in Palestine.

Thank you for speaking up M.P. Libby!

I am so very distressed that Canada condones this massacre, because we say and do nothing to oppose it! Thank you for speaking up! Now if only YOU were Prime Minister of Canada!!!!

All the best to you and yours in 2009!

Sincerely, Denise Dufault.
p.s. for what its worth I am going to protest in the streets of Athens, Greece tomorrow against Israel's actions.


Thank you for standing up for the Palestinian cause against the occupying, usurping Israelis.

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