Libby's response to inflamatory editorial

Libby sent the following letter to the Ottawa Citizen on June 11, 2010. To date, they have not published this letter.

June 11, 2010
Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your June 11 editorial which refers to a video of me recorded last Saturday, and posted online (Hater's, Ottawa Citizen, June 11, 2010).

My reference to the year 1948 as the beginning of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory was a serious and completely inadvertent error; I apologize for this and regret any confusion it has caused.

I have always supported a two-state solution to the on-going Israeli-Palestinian conflict and have never questioned Israel's right to exist and the Palestinian’s right to a viable state.

New Democrats have long called for a peaceful, negotiated end to the conflict where Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side with secure borders. This is a policy I fully support.

I reject the allegation that I hate Israel, and I reject the assertion that I said that Israel is illegitimate or an abomination. Neither are true.

Libby Davies
MP Vancouver East

This Update from Libby was posted on June 11, 2010



Libby you have again shown your true colours. You support hamas and hezbollah. you are not a friend of the Jewish people. You are Canada's Helen Thomas. I hope your constituents retire you. You are an embarassment to Canada.

Nothing Davies said was

Nothing Davies said was remotely anti-Semitic, and she has nothing to apologize for. Palestinians have every right to resist occupation and demand their rights (not least of all, the right to the fundamentals of life), including the right of refugees to return. It's remarkable that they continue to struggle after so long.

Good thing the BDS campaign is gaining ground by the day - more and more people are realizing that Israel is an increasingly paranoid colonial, apartheid state, and that the only solution is a democratic one where both peoples are assured equal rights. The shrill and desperate tenor of the above comments will only re-enforce this view amongst most people who are capable of viewing the situation with some rationality.

Naturally you are anonymous

You don't have the guts to have your name printed. What a weasle.

Libby, stand tall. You are one of my heroes

Sharon Jackson

no guts

when you support those who fire rockets at kindergartens and blow up buses with women and children, how can someone oppose this without the fear of reprisal?
sharon jackson we have people living in the streets and our politican took 10 years to come up with a "bill". maybe you two could support bin laden too!!
weasel that is scared of being killed for my opinion

Get the facts right, or is that too much to ask of an MP?

Admitting you don't know much about the situation in Israel hasn't stopped you from attacking Israel and calling for sanctions against it.

Instead of just blindly and stupidly accepting every accusation that Hamas makes against Israel because it fits in with the "Progressive/Marxist" dogma of Israel being a "colonialist, imperialist, Western outpost," you might want to inform yourself of the other side of the situation.

Why is there a blockade in place? Do you actually know about the extent and danger represented by Iranian arms smuggling to Gaza?

Do you have nothing to say about Hamas' racist charter that condemns Jews to death, raves about Masonic and Zionist conspiracies and calls for the destruction of Israel? Have you even bothered to read it?

Have people actually starved in Gaza? (No!! - they haven't). To what extent are supplies getting in? They can't be in that bad shape if Hamas is in a position to refuse aid, which they did last week.

There are wrongs committed by both sides in the conflict and efforts to move the parties to peace are needed.

One-sided, bigoted condemnations of Israel based on ignorance do nothing to help.

Try to find out the other side of the story before you weigh in with your prejudiced views, or is that too much to ask of an elected representative and the Deputy Leader of the NDP?


I saw the video and your 'clarification' is inadequate

Nice Try

Methinks the Jew hating lefty protesteth too much. What a disgrace. You won't post my comment, but really, you anti-Semitic nationalist socialists sure don't change, do you?
Two state solution? Tell that to Hamas, if you can get your nose out of the tax money trough long enough. Or better yet, resign and have your ignorant, bigoted spewing paid for privately rather than by the taxpayers on whom you've freeloaded for so long.

Response to Libby's response

I will quote Victor Davis Hanson here he said it much better than I. It was a comment on Helen Thomas but I think it would apply equally to Libby and all Progressives for that matter.

"Intellectuals used to loudly condemn anti-Semitism because it was largely associated with those deemed to be less sophisticated people, often right-wing, who on either racial, nationalistic, or religious grounds regarded Jews as undesirable. Hating Jews was a sign of boorish chauvinism, or of the conspiratorial mind that exuded envy and jealousy of the more successful.

"But in the last two decades especially, the Left has made anti-Semitism respectable in intellectual circles. The fascistic nature of various Palestinian liberation groups was forgotten, as the “occupied” Palestinians grafted their cause onto that of American blacks, Mexican-Americans, and Asian-Americans. Slurring post-Holocaust Jews was still infra dig, but damning the nation-state of Israel as imperialistic and oppressive was considered principled. No one ever cared to ask: Why Israel and not other, far more egregious examples? In other words, one could now focus inordinately on the Jews by emphasizing that one’s criticism was predicated on cosmic issues of human rights and justice. And by defaming Israel the nation, one could vent one’s dislike of Jews without being stuck with the traditional boorish label of anti-Semite.
"So an anti-Semitic bigot like Helen Thomas could navigate perfectly well among the top echelons of Washington society spouting off her hatred of Israel, since her animus was supposedly against Israeli policies rather than those who made them. Only an inadvertent remark finally caught up with her to reveal that what she felt was not anger growing out of a territorial dispute, but furor about the nature of an entire people who should be deported to the sites of the Holocaust."

Sorry ?

Sorry ?

Sorry, we're not buying it.

Sometimes, even bigots tell the truth in a moment of weakness. This, shall we say, was your Helen Thomas momemt.

But you belong to the NDP, so that probably explains everthing.

A Bit late...Dear.

Where was your brain during Israel Apartheid Week?

Israel did have a right to exist in March and today is somehow different????

"Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write and express your views about the motion proposed by a Conservative MP, about Israeli Apartheid Week. I have heard from many people on this issue.

The motion came forward on March 11th, and did not receive unanimous consent, and so was not approved by Parliament. A second motion from the Bloc Québécois also failed to receive unanimous consent.

The Conservative motion was designed to be divisive and to censure legitimate debate on the issue of Israel's policies as well as to specifically target activists who are engaged in debate and other activities on various campuses across the country.

I didn't support either motion, and whatever one thinks about the term "apartheid" in reference to Israel, I don't believe that Members of Parliament should have any role or influence in stifling open discussion and education on this issue. As someone who has visited the West Bank and Gaza twice (most recently in August of 2009), I know first-hand the impact and destruction caused by Israeli policies towards Palestinians. Copies of the report from my trip can be found at:

I really appreciate that so many people have taken the time to support freedom of speech and the rights of the Palestinian people. I will continue to do the same.



flack about Israel


I understand you are in politics and have to play it safe to a certain extent and not try to offend anyone. But, I really do regret your decision to pull your punches on Israel because of pressure from the establishment. You were right. And, I'm not saying this as an anti-semite, but as someone who is part Jewish and has a clear head. Yes, the Jews have great historical claim to Israel, but so do the Palestinians. Their claims are just as ancient and enduring. The Americans and the UN 'created' Israel in response to their guilt over their complicity in the holocaust. How many Jews were turned back from the US and other countries when Hitler came to power? Why didn't the other countries of the world open their doors? Why didn't America give say - Alaska or Utah - to the Jews? Then, it would hav been magnanimous. It would have been a true 'gift' It's easy to give someone else's country away. It's harder to give away what is yours. And, since the Jews came to Israel, which is the crux of my belief, they have replicated what's been done to them....the examples are too obvious and painful to list here. Libby, you are brave and clear-headed and should have the strength of your convictions. That's why we voted for you!!!!!!!!!!

I applaud and praise Ms.

I applaud and praise Ms. Davies. You are absolutely spot on with this commentary. I agree with what you had to say, I appreciate your courage and I applaud your intelligence and depth of research on this issue.

This issue is NOT debated enough in the media and people ARE AFRAID to criticize Israel. Israel displaced, murdered, and destroyed the Palestinian Arabs of today's "Israel" and this is what Ms. Davies was pointing out.

For those of you that are so inclined to attack Ms. Davies, I would refer you to a history textbook in order to learn your facts.

Res Publica.

I'm now NDP

Wow, I wish I lived in Vancouver now. I also wish you wouldn't bow to the masters and recant your TRUTHFUL statement. One merely needs to look at a map of the world pre 1948, then look at one from 1948. Then continue looking at the border of Israel over the years, you will notice it has been doing 1 thing, and 1 thing alone, growing. slowly illegally stealing more land. Ignoring UN sanctions. Attacking NATO members.

There can never be a 2 state solution while Israel continues it's illegal blockade of Gaza, murdering protesters and civilians on a daily basis. The blockade of Gaza is collective punishment, something made illegal under the Geneva Convention.

Israel, as it stands now, does indeed have a right to exist, co-exist rather, with their neighbors. They refuse to do so. They can not use the memory of the holocaust to silence any criticism. They can not use the term "anti-semite" (which in reality, doesn't apply to them as much as it would the Palestinians)to silence criticism of their government.

Don't you see what your apology actually means? Don't you see that people like you, speaking the truth maybe with a mistake on a date, are actually doing when you say sorry? You are showing them, regardless of what they as a people do, regardless of what their Orthodox religion teaches, regardless of what their government or army does, they can never be judged, never questioned, and never ever brought to justice.

They killed, according to the western media, 9 people on that aid flotilla, in international waters, and illegal act, even if they had weapons, that was an illegal act, and should be considered as an act of war against NATO, as it would be if any other country dared do that.

A 19 year old american was shot 4 times in the head, and once in the chest, from 45 centimeters away. It's all on tape, google it! What is the response from my beloved Canadian government? Undying support for poor little Israel.

Israel IS occupying Palestine, and is at this very moment laughing in the face of sanctions and resolutions, and building more illegal settlements. How many Rachael Corries does it take? (american teenager murdered with a bulldozer trying to stop them crushing, ILLEGALLY, a home with disabled people still inside.)

To question the actions of the government is not racism, their government isn't a race. They throw a wrench into the gears at every turn, always ensuring there can be no peace.

Until our elected officials demand an end to the funds being sent to Israel, and demand an end to the choke hold that country has on our government and media, we are a failed state.

Just remember one thing, many countries have been invaded and bombed for ignoring less than 1% of the sanctions and resolutions Israel is ignoring. Just remember that YOUR media has decided that those protesters on that ship (Including an Israeli MP) were terrorists, before any proof was provided. Just remember that right now, as the whole world has learned that all of the footage, audio, and photos Israel released are complete fakes, YOUR media still says they are the truth.

You Libby Davies did in no way call Israel illegitimate, nor did you ever imply you hated the country or the people. But saying sorry, for speaking the truth, just shows who your master really is.

Your original statement had converted me on the spot to NDP. Your apology, on the other hand, makes me think my government is already lost. The actions of Harper pretty much prove it, but to see MPs hung out to dry like this, then saying sorry instead of standing up for what they know to be true, saddens me.

I'm sure this comment will be deleted, or if not, will spur on the endless Israel firsters to call me racist or anti-semetic.

Anti-Israel? Maybe, not the idea of the nation, but I am totally at odds with the actions they are taking under the notion of security. Murdering children does not make you safe, it creates the problem you are trying to fight. Killing 8 turkish peace activists doesn't make you safe, well safe from cement mix and plastic chairs. Instead, it lit up the entire arab world, and even some outside that sphere, into blood thristy anger, directed at Israel.

It makes people like me start to wonder. Israel since the beginning is the victim state, everyone is the enemy, through deception thou shalt to war. A few homemade rockets here and there, the inevitable suicide attacks that come from forcing the population of a country into a walled in ghetto expecting them to just disappear. But really, the phantom enemy just isn't as bad as they need. Then they botch this raid, and instantly, every arab out there is the enemy, look at them burning Israeli flags.

How do they respond? Get Helen Thomas removed from the press room over, just like you Libby, a truthful statement.

I would like you to maybe issue a clarification on:

Your feelings about Israel's treatment of the Gaza situation. I think that's the main point, they will call you racist to change the subject, or say you don't think Israel has a right to exist. But in reality, what I think people want to know, is how do YOU feel about Gaza, and how do YOU feel about the Conservative governments actions, or lack there of, with relation to Israel.

I should also mention this, as the Canadian media keeps saying Hamas violently took power in Gaza. HAMAS WAS LEGALLY AND DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED.

Any news source that says anything other than they are the democratically elected government, can not be trusted when it comes to matters with Israel.

For the record, I'm not an anti-semite, I believe all jews, including those who immigrated to Israel, have the right to a safe peaceful life, just like every other human being on the planet, regardless of creed or color, and completely regardless of where they happened to have been born.

I'm Now NOT NDP!

In response to "I'm now NDP"
Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 06/16/2010.

Israel does not, and has not, ever, refused to co-exist with her neighbours. I cannot say the same thing about Hamas, who has the destruction of "the Zionist entity" on its charter, and has publicly and repeatedly come out "against" the "Peace Process".

You are correct that questioning the actions of the government is NOT racism. Where it BECOMES racism is when you question one government for taking actions that go unquestioned when taken by other governments. This repeatedly has happened with Israel. I don't call 10,000 rockets over four years to be "A few homemade rockets here and there", and the "inevitable" suicide attacks did NOT come from "forcing the population of a country into a walled in ghetto". First of all, "Palestine" is not, and never has been to my knowledge a country. It was a territory, governed under a British mandate from 1917 with the defeat of the Ottoman Turks, until 1948, with the founding of Israel, with the present-day "West Bank" taken over by (Trans)Jordan until the 1967 Six Day war, when Israel defeated Jordan (and others). Jordan has since renounced their claim to that territory, making it legitimately Israeli territory. Secondly, the "suicide" bombings were occurring regularly until that wall was built (and were the very reason for its construction). And surprise, they have virtually STOPPED since its completion. Therefore, the wall has saved MANY lives, both "Palestinian" and Israeli.

Finally, you are correct in asserting that Hamas was democratically elected, however that they took power violently is also a fact, and since doing so, they have terrorized their own people in Gaza, and NOT JUST ISRAEL. Gaza would likely be far better off without Hamas, notwithstanding the blockade, which exists to block weapons and items that can be used as/made into weapons to kill with. Humanitarian goods are still getting in, and I have seen many images of prosperous Gazans (or are they all Hamas members, stealing from the other Palestinians so they can make them look even more wretched, to support Hamas propaganda and make Israel look even worse)?!

Of course, I don't expect this post to get published because I seem to disagree with the vast majority of this site, who all seem to think that Israel is guilty of every crime known to humankind, and then some. I hope I'm proven wrong.

Inflamatory Comment

Thank you Libby for all of your work on behalf of your constituents. You have my support (and that of many others). Should you choose to resign and/or be forced to by the NDP, please consider running as in independent. You have laboured long and hard in issues key to my home constituency and we need you!

In regards to the Israeli/Palestinian debate and your comments and the ensuing fall out: Bad judgment? Yes. Bad choice of words? Yes. Hatred of Israel or of the Jewish people and a hidden poli-religious agenda? NO! It takes a stronger leader to acknowledge the issue and address it (as above) than it takes to walk away.

C'mon people! If you are going to target an elected representative to demand a resignation from there is a long list of people who are really dangerous to Canada and global well being I could recommend.

Steady as you go

The abusive response by the Israeli lobby is as predictable as it is worthless. The Palestinian people have suffered, and continue to suffer, great abuse from a vicious regime propped up by vast subsidies, in the form of weapons as well as money, coming from the west, not to mention the political support from, and I'm ashamed to say this, countries like Canada.

Please do not be deterred by the totalitarian propaganda machine. Please continue to speak out for the Palestinian people.

And by the way, you may wear that comparison with Helen Thomas as a badge of honour. Steady as you go.

Re: Steady as you go

You're absolutely correct that the Palestinian people have suffered, and continue to suffer. That's where your correctness ends. While you're clearly implying in your post that it's 100% Israel's fault, it's clearly the corrupt, thuggish, religious zealots who can't tolerate Jews living on their ancestral homeland in the only Jewish country on the planet, despite numerous Muslim ones on the region. All the Jews are asking for is the right to live in their ancestral homeland (0.1% of the Middle East) in peace and security. The reason Canada politically supports Israel is because Canada knows what is truly right, and doesn't buy what the anti-Israel/anti-semitic (how ironic is this term?!) propagandists want Canada to believe. Moreover, it's yet another example with the recent incident involving the "Flotilla" that the truth emerges a few days after the "Pro-Palestinian" propagandists' lies have been virally spread around yet again. Why is it that Israel is the only country in the world that is repeatedly demonized and delegitimized whenever they're forced to take decisive actions to defend themselves? How would you like it if Native Canadians suddenly awakened to realize that we're "illegally" occupying THEIR territory, and decided to launch thousands of rockets a year at YOUR family's houses and schools in Burnaby, or Toronto, or wherever YOU live? Would you not fight back? I bet you would. Moreover, Israel NO LONGER OCCUPIES Gaza, and technically doesn't "occupy" the West Bank, as Jordan has renounced its claim to that territory, and no Palestian State has ever been declared. Israel, having won the last battle for that land now rightfully owns it, until other arrangements have been agreed to.

Right to an opinion in Canada?

I fully support Libby Davies' comments regarding the intolerable conditions under which the Palestinian people live and her stated desire to reach a settlement for the Palestinian people (who have been stateless since 1948). And I support her right to voice an opinion. Her interviewer's statements, phrased in the guise of questions, were provocatively phrased; it is difficult to believe that the interviewer did not have the intent to lead Libby into making statements which could be easily misinterpreted after the fact.
It is a pity that Canadians are unable to voice any opinion that is deemed to be 'anti-Israel', according to Stephen Harper's analysis of Libby's comments. Is Israel such a perfect society that it cannot be open to criticism of any of its practices? To have the audacity to criticise Israel results in an accusation of being anti-Semitic and being deemed a persona non grata.
BTW, I am neither NDP, Arab, Middle-Eastern, Palestinian, Israeli, Jewish nor do I otherwise have any vested interest in the Middle East, other than as a Canadian citizen who hungers for reality in the media reporting on Israeli actions. However, I am resigned to a famine in this regard, given the current Canadian media environment.
Bravo to Libby Davies for speaking her mind. Both she and Helen Thomas suffered the same fate of those who dare to voice an opinion that does not favour Israel.
You may just have won an NDP supporter in the next election (unfortunately not in your riding).

Inflammatory editoral

Dear Libby: I am so proud of you for standing up for what's right, and so very sorry that you seem to be the only sitting member of the federal NDP to do so. If only we had more politicians like you - there would be less cynicism about politics and more reason to vote.

If more people would see you

If more people would see you in action Libby, people would start believing that politicians could actually accomplish something positive.
Thank you for standing up for all oppressed people everywhere, from Palestinians to the poor, from trans - queer communities to sex workers, to women, etc.
You`re really an inspiration.
If we had mainstream media, newspapers, news stations etc. giving people like you airtime instead of the Harpers and Ignatieffs, we would be living in a very different country within a decade.

I support you!

The claim you made was both objectively historically accurate and not remotely sensibly inflammatory.

It's pure historical revisionism to claim that Palestine was anything but forcibly occupied to create Israel, any statement to this effect is to claim that Palestine either did not exist or that the Palestinians themselves did not.

More power to you for standing with the facts; I'm loudly supporting you amongst my friends and family. More politicians should have your level of integrity.

Dan Leslie

stay stron Libby

Dear Libby,I would like to thank you for standing up for what's right,I am very dispointed with our Media how they attacked you, and so very sorry that you seem to be the only sitting member of the federal NDP to do so. If only we had more politicians like you - there will be more justice in many areas of the world, keep up the good work and you should know you have the majourity of supporters in many cities and places.


Mohamad jomaa

Stand strong

Dear Libby,
I would like to thank you for your service to Canada and that many Canadians stand behind you. I have seen you speak in Parliament many times and you are one of the few people on the hill with their damn head screwed on properly. The people criticizing you are manipulating the facts and it makes me sick. Keep fighting for the rights of the average Canadian as they are slowly being chiseled away by our Liberal enabled Conservative led government.

Well, it certainly looks like

Well, it certainly looks like you've got lots of fellow terrorist huggers here who support you. But your "Helen Thomas" moment revealed your true colours. If you had even an ounce of class and a smidgen of scruples, you would resign. In other words, I'm sure you'll be staying.

-- Natasha

Your mistake is your apology

You should have clarified your remarks instead of apologizing. You should not be "sorry" for what you said. You should have used your clarification as an opportunity to truthfully clarify the plight of the Palestinian people since the nakba of 1948.

The facts are clear and speak for themselves. Your clarification could have emboldened your stance and the support you receive.

Thank you for showing courage as a Western politician. I am saddened that it appears to be so short lived. I will be following closely and I hope that you (continue to) work in the interests of a better world.

From the floor of the Senate...

"Senator DAVID NORRIS (Ind) called on the Israeli authorities to end their “cynical, heartless and contemptible exploitation of the Holocaust for their own political purposes. This lets us all down, including those tragic victims of Auschwitz and all the other terrible camps”.

Mr Norris said he utterly condemned the recent murderous assault on the Gaza-bound peace flotilla, “where, in what was the equivalent of Bloody Sunday for the Israelis, a group almost equal in numbers of innocent, peaceful protesters against an outrage against humanity in Gaza were slaughtered by Israeli commandos”.

He welcomed the (Irish) Government’s expulsion of an Israeli diplomat to demonstrate this country’s complete disapproval of the way in which the Israeli authorities had wrongly used passports of friendly countries to murder a Hamas person in a third country. The worst aspect was the use by Mossad agents of false information to obtain special German passports on the basis that those involved were the children of Holocaust survivors. That was a betrayal of all those who had been murdered by the Nazis."


This is in the Irish Senate. Oh that Canadian politicians, both elected and appointed, had such guts! Why has Canada permitted the treasonous sellout to Israel of its sovereignty? Do Canadians know that the Israeli embassy in Caracas IS the Canadian embassy? And that Canada has offered to BE the diplomatic representative of Israel where host countries have cut off diplomatic relations with Israel in disgust? Since when does Canada represent Israel? I certainly didn't elect a government in Ottawa to become the face of Israel abroad, against Canada's better interests!

It's time to take Canada back. Harper and his rogues should put Canada 1st, 2nd and 3rd. No government can serve two masters. Canada is obviously Harper's second fiddle. Israel is is true love. Treason!

CRB, East-Van.

Hater's, Ottawa Citizen, June 11, 2010

Dear Ms. Davies:

You have the support of more Canadians that you might think.

Please hold the fort. It's a matter of real Canadian democracy, a principle becoming harder to find with Harper and his clique though, hence the need to resist conservatism and promote justice and democracy.

It's appalling to see that truth can no more be said in this country without having to excuse oneself afterwards.

You may think what you want, but can't express it if it refers to Israel, whose defence organisations in Canada are numerous and very powerful and connected. On the other hand, the defenders themselves are not that numerous in relation to the Jewish population and the Canadian population, and the Jewish people who are against Israel's policies of apartheid, occupation of Palestine land and blockade against Palestinians are seemingly in greater number, but are not allowed to express themselves outside of Jewish humanitarian organizations for fear of ostracism.

I just wrote to Jack Layton, your leader, and concluded with the following item. I dearly hope he will read it and think twice before making the mistake of punishing you:

« Please don't make the same stupid mistake as the Parti québécois, who kicked Yves Michaud out of the PQ for saying that "the Jews were not the only ones who suffered in this world", which is nothing but the truth. There are already enough "victims" without adding another one wrongly. »

I find it ironic how any

I find it ironic how any discussion of Israel and Palestine is immediately drowned out in rhetoric and accusations. Immediately labelling any criticism of Israel as "anti-Semitic" may be a useful tactic, but it won't change the truth, and frankly it won't help Israel in the long run.

To falsely associate valid criticim of the policies of a national government with dangerous racism is to hide the true racists in our midsts. If people had the courage to stand up and voice their opposition to the status quo in the 1930's in Germany there never would have been a Holocaust. Do you really want to shut up those who have the courage to speak up today? Let people know the facts and debate the issues without such bullying tactics: the racists will stand out from those who believe in equal rights for all quickly enough.

I think covering everything in a cloak of religion obscures the facts. Many Israelis are not Jewish, many Palestinians are not Muslim, the majority of Jews are not Israeli. Let us not conflate disagreement of the policies of Israel with hatred towards Jews. Sometimes they coincide, but usually they do not. Lets not forget Hitler tried to deport Jews (and failed to find takers, including Canada) before choosing to murder them en masse. Being a fan of a Jewish national home does not mean you love Jews, obviously. Again, I think we need to keep the distinctions clear between "against Israeli policies" and "anti-Semitic".

Libby's statement was unclear, but the INTERPRETATION of it says more about the critic than about Libby herself. I'll be there are precious few Canadians who can articulate a clear history of the creation of Israel and Palestine without making an error which could be construed by opportunistic opponents as "hate".

I care about the people of Israel and Palestine, but I'm Canadian. What frightens me most about the current climate of debate on this topic is what it says about our society. If we shut off debate with knee-jerk accusations, we impose a form of censorship and lose our rights of free speech. I cannot accept this, for reasons stated above. I am still free to speak out against the policies of Iran on homosexuals, of Russia in Chechnya, of Canada on First Nations AND Israel in Palestine, and I insist on exercising those rights so we don't lose them.

I applaud Libby for speaking out on this subject and others. I find it unfortunate she came up with 1948, and would have asked for a clarification of her position had I been there. As usually happens, everyone took a statement out of context and used it as a club to further their own agenda. It would have been really easy to ask her if she believed Israel should exist, but no one waited to do that before the accusations flew. I would ask many of those accusing her of anti-semitism if you beleive Palestine has a right to exist. If not, are you not exactly what you are accusing her of?

If you do believe Palestine has a right to exist, do Palestinians have the same right to live in safety and security that Israelis do? If the answer is yes, then I think we (and probably Libby) have a lot in common. Frankly a ONE state solution would be my choice if I lived there, one state with both peoples living in peace and security with equal rights: like Canada, more or less. It is not my choice though, and the people there have the right to decide, not me.

M. McBeth

when did the occupation start?

Dear Libby

Thank you for speaking up. I'm writing to let you know that you have support.

You're right when you said that the occupation started in 1948. The occupation expanded in 1967 to include the rest of Palestine (and parts of Syria and Egypt).

How did the occupation start In 1948?

In 1948, Israel
1. expelled the non-Jewish population from the areas it occupied or controlled in Palestine and confiscated its property contrary to UN Resolutions 181 and 194;
2. refused to allow the refugees to go back to their homes after the fighting stopped contrary to UN Resolution 194
3. occupied a large part of what was to be the Arab state in Palestine contrary to UN Resolutions 181 and 194;
4. placed the remaining Palestinian population under military rule (which continued until 1966) thus starting the Apartheid regime that continues to today.

Best wishes.

Fuad Abboud

You have my support Libby.

Thank you Libby for being who you are. Please continue to stand up for human rights and international law.

I truly hope that the NDP does not succumb to pressure from Jewish lobby groups and resist turning into another weak party who trades its principals for politics.


David Schwartz

Thanks for your courage

Hi Ms. Davies,
I am a lifelong NDP supporter, and I am prouder than ever to call myself one. I know it is hard for our party to wade into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because emotions can run high.

But I want to say I support your courage in not shying away from the issue. No matter what you say - whether you call for one state, or two, whether you support Fatah, or Hamas, or Likud, or Labor, whether you call to dismantle the wall or move it, or strengthen it or burn it - some people will call you a racist or an anti-Semite. People have turned to insults out of frustration and anger after decades of injustice.

Still, by speaking truth to power, you have made me very proud and I support you 100% in your ongoing struggles to represent solidarity with the Palestinian peoples in a non-violent, forward thinking manner. Thank you. Jewish Israelis will have a better future when the occupation is over, and Palestinians have equal rights.

I am glad someone isn't afraid to say so.


Way to go Libby!

Way to go Libby!

Supporting you every step of the way, from a Jewish community (though not the mainstream one) in Halifax.

Inflamatory Editorial

Dear Ms Libby,
It too bad you had to face the typical smear campaign and charges of anti-semitism because of the slightest form of criticism that was directed at Israel. The attempt to smear is way to silence & intimidate anyone who speaks out against Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.
I hope this doesn't stop you from speaking publicly about Israeli (& American) foreign policy.
And checkout the comments section at CBC.ca . It clearly shows that the majority of Canadians support you.

Coquiltlam BC

Palestinian occupation

Hi Libby

One of the reasons I have never run for office is the fact that everything one says is scrutinized, and no one can have every fact in their brain to be called on in a split second.

Any reasonable and progressive individual who has followed your political career would respect your clear-headedness and integrity. Be strong, Libby, we need you and your kind.

You're one of my heroes, and I hope to meet you one of these days and tell you that.

thank you
moe lyons

Israel Comment

Firstly, thank you for standing up and speaking the truth that so many are fearfull of doing. Mr. Harper is the one out of line trying to twist your words. You did not say anything that is not true! Please don't bend to the preasure of those that are bought and paid for by the foreign lobbyists.

Libby, a Hater?

Dear Libby, I am so very proud of you for speaking the truth, and for speaking up for the human rights for the people of Palestine. We know you are not a Hater, of anyone, in any country. Those who say this are disregarded easily. Why does it seem to be that if you speak in favour of Human Rights for one group, means you are a hater of another group? Those who promote that are the Haters, and we all know this. I wish you were the Leader of the NDP, then at least I would know who to vote for in the next election. You are an amazing woman, stand tall, we support you.

Libby, a hater, we scoff at such suggestion. You are a Lover of Human Rights for all.