Libby on increased funding for the CBC

Dear Friends,

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is an intrinsic part of Canadian culture. From Vancouver East to Whitehorse to St John’s, the CBC provides coverage that resonates with Canadians.

Last year the CBC announced a $171 million budget shortfall due to lost advertising revenue in the economic downturn. Devastated by the shortfall, the CBC appealed to the Minister of Heritage for a temporary bridging loan to cover the shortfall. When the federal government refused to provide the bridging loan, the CBC was forced to turn inwards to make up the losses and drastically cut 800 jobs – about 10% of their workforce. These cuts also meant closures to local radio and TV stations across the country, and the cancellation of programs like The Inside Track, Outfront and The Point. Not to mention to dismantling of the CBC Radio orchestra.

I held a forum on the CBC this summer where dozens of people came out to show their support for the CBC. In response, I’ve launched a PETITION CAMPAIGN calling on the Conservative government to immediately increase funding to the Canadian broadcaster. Please download my petition and send your signature(s) to me in Ottawa, postage free, at Libby Davies, MP Vancouver East, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6.


This Blog Entry was posted on September 24, 2009
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Harper is a Goon

Dear Libby,

I am so proud that there is finally a politician in Canada who is addressing this stuff regarding the inhumane treatment of Palestinians.

Many Canadians are aware that what is going on in Gaza is horrendous. Many Canadians are sick of the twisted logic of the people who support this abuse. Many Canadians are ashamed of our prime minister's silence. The fact that he wanted you to resign over this paints him uglier than I ever thought he could be. Silence is one thing, but to try to muzzle somebody who speaks a legitmate opinion on behalf of many Canadians is just stomach-turning.

Israel has to withdraw this blockade and stop bulldozing homes and the wall must come down. A peaceful government on both the Israeli and Palestinian side must dominate. Israel should take the first step in this as they have the all the power. Unfortunately it is hard to imagine that happening right now. But maybe if politicians keep speaking out like you did, you never know.

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