Attack on Gaza must end

Over the past 21 days 1,133 Palestinians have been killed by Israel, including 346 children and 105 women. 5,200 have been injured. As of this morning, these are the latest reported casualties. I add my voice to the many thousands to speak out in condemnation at the on-going assault by Israel on Gaza.

The latest attack, this time on the UN Headquarters in Gaza, on the hospitals and medical centres, is outrageous. The use of white phosphorus - a chemical weapon - against innocent civilians, is also indefensible and must be condemned.

It must be recognized that the on-going illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and the now two-year old blockade is a root cause of the current conflict and must cease. I have previously written to Prime Minister Harper calling on the Canadian government to do everything in its power to seek a diplomatic and political solution:

Canada should join other international leaders in condemning this aggression, which is contrary to international law, and is, as British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated yesterday, "indefensible". I urge all Parliamentarians to speak out for an immediate ceasefire, for immediate humanitarian assistance, and an end to the blockade.

In May 2002, I was part of a Parliamentary delegation that visited the Occupied Territories. It was a life-changing experience as I witnessed the daily impact of checkpoints, restricted access, loss of human rights and dignity. We met with many Palestinians and Israelis who work together to end the Occupation and the illegal settlements. What I learned during that visit was my responsibility as a Member of Parliament to speak out in defense of human rights and in favour of a just settlement for Palestinians. I am an active and founding member of the Canada-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Association and will continue to work within my party, within Parliament, and in the community on this issue.


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This Blog Entry was posted on January 16, 2009
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Not one mention of the rocket attacks that started all this

(It is not like this comment will ever be posted, or I will ever get a response - but one can only hope)

Just today Hamas rejected a cease fire which required one condition from them - to stop all rocket attacks on Israel, and to no longer attempt to stockpile rockets for future attacks. They refused. They would rather see their own people suffer while Israel is forced to physically prevent rocket attacks.

Hamas refuses because they know that if they put enough of their woman and children between the Israeli military and themsleves that enough innocents civillians will be killed that people all over the world will condemn Israel and put every kind of pressure on Israel to stop.

Ms. Davies, you are ripe for the pickings and Hamas's greatest weapon. Just like you have written here - not a single word to suggest to Hamas that if they simply stopped attacking Israel with rockets that this would end - I am sure the thought never entered your head. Hamas gets a free pass to continue their rocket attacks because the only way Israel can stop them involves civilian casulties - what is Israel to do?

You can say all you want about root causes - but there is one root cause and only one. Hamas wants Israel to be destroyed because it is a Jewish state. It is in their charter and they do not try to hide it. It has nothing to do with land claims, suffering, territory, or resources - it is one thing and one thing only - hatred of Jews. When you support Hamas, you support this same hatred - whether you know it or not.

re: canada-palestine partnership

Ya Libby! You have just become on of my favorite people. Canada is made up of the worlds people, and other countries have to start to realize, the land belongs to everyone, and no one, not even Israel, should not have the right to ban people from their country.
There people will and ARE judging them by what they build not what they destroy! It it time for Israel to build a multi-cultural country.


ok. open up your history 12 textbook and read and learn and don't comment till you know the real story. Israel hadn't shot missiles or fired guns at Palestinian terrorists in weeks. The problem was that the "agreed" upon cease fire was only one sided, and Israel was being attacked by Palestinian terrorists. What are they supposed to do? Sit back and take it? for how long? The didn't attack right away, they waited for a few days but it kept on coming. If Canada was being attacked we wouldn't wait more then a few hours maybe even minutes to respond and yet we condemn a nation for defending itself, pathetic. The main reason why so many "supposed" civilians are dieing is that the Palestinian terrorists strategically place their headquarters and bases in amongst places that are hard to reach because they are in the heart of places with lots of civilians. It's just sick, and they do it because then they can try to get blind westerners on their side. Open your eyes and look at the bigger picture.

The only illegal occupation

The only illegal occupation is that of Muslim Arab squatters on Jewish land. Jordan in the Palestinian homeland, if those "Palestinians" (aka Jordanians) can't live side by side in peace then they should promptly return to their Arabian lands.

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